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TFTP Upgrade IP Phone FW

How to install or upgrade SIP or UNIStim firmware on Avaya CS1000 IP Phone Series. (1120e, 1140, 1230, etc.)

Use the following procedure when:

IP sets are upgraded using a TFTP server and modifying the "Provision:" field to the IP address to the TFTP server.

UPDATE: With UNIStim firmware release 3.0, and greater, use this keypad sequence to
reset provisioning parameters to 'factory default' for IP telephones:   * * 7 3 6 3 9 <MAC> # #


  1. Download and install a free TFTP server, such as Pumpkin or tftpd64, to a PC or Server (on the TLAN).
  2. Configure the TFTP server. Set the root folder, and copy the latest UNIStim or SIP firmware to it.
  3. Create a new text file. Name the file the model of the phone, such as 1140e.cfg for an 1140e, or 1120e.cfg for an 1120e.

    The content of the file should be as follows:

    VERSION   <firmware>
    FILENAME  <firmware .bin>
    SERVER_IP  <TFTP server IP>

    For example, if using file SIP1120e04.00.04.00.bin, VERSION line should read: VERSION SIP1120e04.00.04.00, and FILENAME line should read: FILENAME SIP1120e04.00.04.00.bin

  4. Configure Provision: line in the phones Network Configuration to the IP address of the TFTP server. Double Tap the Services key and access Network Configuration, or as the phone boots up and logo appears, swipe the 4 softkeys below the display and enter color*set (26567*737) as the password to access Network Configuration.

    As the phone reboots, watch for the provisioning information displaying, as well as the log window from the TFTP server to ensure that the set is connecting during the provisioning phase.


  1. If 'FW Authentication Failure' is displayed on the set after new firmware is downloaded to set, it is due to the current version of firmware already installed. You will need to perform multiple upgrades, such as described below:

    An IP Phone running SIP v2 firmware may not be able to upgrade directly to SIP v4 or UNIStim v5. You will need to upgrade from SIP v2, to SIPv3, and THEN upgrade to SIPv4 or a UNIStim version.

  2. Depending on the firmware installed, the set may look for a specific name for the .cfg file. For example, an 1140e running SIPv2 will look for '1140e.cfg' to upgrade, but once SIPv3 is installed, it will request '1140eSIP.cfg' from the TFTP server.

  3. Free TFTP software for Mac OS X: TftpServer or PumpKIN (Mac).
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