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Installing a VGMC

Installing and Programming a 32 Port Media Gateway Card

Hardware: A0852632 ITG card adaptor

  1. Seat the MC32 VGMC card in a free slot. It is similar to a MIRAN card, but has 32 ports.
  2. Plug the ITG card adaptor (A0852632 - shown) into the corresponding card slot Amphenol.
  3. Run two patch cables from the RJ45 Jacks on the ITG card adaptor to the data switch.
    Note, the top RJ-45 connector is ELAN, the bottom RJ-45 is TLAN.

NTVQ01 MC-32 faceplate
NTVQ01 MC-32 faceplate - Source Avaya.com


  1. Log in to Element Manager.
  2. Click configuration option from the menu located on the left of the screen
  3. Click on IP Telephony
  4. Click on node summary
  5. Click on the edit button
  6. Click on the ADD button located next to the cards option.
  7. Enter the Management LAN (ELAN) IP address
  8. Management LAN (ELAN) MAC address. The MAC address is printed on the MGC front panel.
  9. Enter the Voice LAN (TLAN) address.
  10. Enter the Voice LAN (TLAN) gateway IP address.
  11. Enter Host Name (example PBXBOOK_MGC_1)
  12. Click Save and Transfer
  13. Click OK. The transfer process begins. It will fail - but don't worry!
  14. Reboot the Media Gateway card. The reset button is located on the front panel.
  15. Then click Save and Transfer again.

Replacing a 32 Port Media Gateway Card

  1. Log into PBX, and enter LD 32
  2. STAT l s c u. If the card is enabled, disable it with DISC l s c u.
  3. Type **** to exit LD 32
  4. Remove the old MC32 card, and install the new MC32 card
  5. Log into Element Manager, and go to Node edit area where the card is. Open that cards info.
  6. Enter the ELAN mac address of the replacement card, its printed on the faceplate label.
  7. Hit Save and Transfer
  8. It will fail to transfer to the card - this is normal!
  9. Hit the reset button on the MC32 card and wait for it to reboot.
  10. Then, Save and Transfer again. It should now submit to that VGMC card.

If it continuously fails...

Manually update the card:

  1. Remove the VGMC, and remove the Compact Flash (CF) card on it. Using a CF to USB reader, mount the card on your PC.
  2. Locate the IPLxxxxx.sa loadware file in the root directory of the Signalling Server software CD, and copy it to the PC.
  3. Rename this file exec (no extension), and copy it to the CF, replacing the older/smaller version already there.
  4. Put the CF card back on the VGMC, and reseat the card. Wait for it to boot, and subsequently respond to PING.
  5. If a new VGMC, try a Save and Transfer again - if a replacement, it should now automagically register.
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