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Voice Gateway Channels

IP phones need access to the PBX TDM circuitry, they do this through a DSP on a Media Gateway card - a "Voice GateWay" channel.
An MC32 card, running IP Line software, is known as a VGMC. It has 32 DSP ports. Each shelf requires a VGMC, usually in slot 7.
Make sure there's a ZONE configured for IP phones in LD 117 (PRT ZONE), the zone intent (ZBRN) is MO. Never use Zone 0!

Command Line:

Use LD 14 to configure the physical TN's for the Voice Gateway Media card (VGMC):

REQNEW, CHG, OUTCreate, change, delete Voice Gateway channels on a card
TYPEVGWVoice Gateway
TNl s c uThe physical TN: loop, shelf, card, unit
XTRKMC32MC32 - 32 port media card / MC32S - ITG PM 32 port card
ZONExA zone previously built in LD 117, with ZBRN: MO

First TN is unit 0, last TN is unit 31. You can build all 32 at once: NEW 32. VGW's can be STATed in LD 32.

In Element Manager:

  1. Click: IP Network ► Nodes: Servers, Media Cards
  2. Expand the NODE by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the node
  3. Click VGW Channels next to the card to be configured
  4. Click the Add button at the top of the VGW Channels window
  5. Enter the fields as in LD 14 above

Element Manager VGW's

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