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Force Firmware Install

How to force install firmware on Avaya CS1000 IP Phone Series. (1120e, 1140, 1230, etc.)

If the admin-password has been changed and lost, for example if color*set and/or **73639<MAC>## (Load Factory Defaults) don't work, you can force install a new firmware and reset everything back to default values. You will need the following:

DHCP Configuration:

Set the following DHCP server option strings:

A Call Server is not required as the TFTP server will provide the firmware file.

TFTP Configuration:

#Config file: 1120e.cfg
DOWNOAD_MODE FORCED     <force download>
FILENAME 0624C8Q.bin
SERVER_IP   <TFTP server IP>

Note: Depending on the deployment, you may just need to temporarily edit the existing .cfg file, and change the line DOWNOAD_MODE from AUTO to FORCED. Don't forget to change it back!


download progress

Power cycle the set, and watch the display as well as the log window from the TFTP server.
The set should receive an IP address, load the .cfg file, and start to download the firmware.
Do not interrupt this process, or you may brick the phone! When finished, it will reboot.

When finished, access the Local Tools menu in one of the following ways:

  1. Press the 4 soft keys under the display in sequence from left to right when the text Avaya appears at bootup.
  2. Double-press the Services key. Enter the default admin-password, color*set (26567*738), when prompted.
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