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System Cloning

If you have received a replacement Digital Speech Voice Mail / Auto Attendant system, it is possible with this proceedure to clone settings and voicemail data from the old one, thus saving the old messages, and eliminating the need to completely re-configure the new system from scratch. This proceedure is from Digital Speech.

1. Connect the Ethernet ports of both PC's together with a Network Crossover cable.

2. In the Network Neighborhood properties setup the IP addresses of each system with a unique IP address, i.e. set old system as and new system with Make sure the subnet mask and workgroup settings are the same on both PC's. (the IP address is irrelavent, as this is a closed network, but they must be different).

3. Map a drive on the new PC (E) to the C drive (root) of the old system.

4. Shut down the voice mail software on both systems.

5. Go to a command prompt on the new system, and type the following commands:

  1. copy e:\rundir\grt*.* c:\rundir
  2. copy e:\rundir\nam*.* c:\rundir
  3. copy e:\rundir\????mdbs. c:\rundir>
  4. copy e:\rundir\sysconfg. c:\rundir
  5. copy e:\mssgdir\*.* c:\mssgdir
  6. copy e:\question\*.* c:\question
  7. copy e:\admindir\database\*.* c:\admindir\database

6. Move the softlock (dongle) from the old PC to the new. (The softlock is the adapter connected to the printer port).

7. Delete the mapped drive connection (E) from the control panel, and disconnect the network cable.

8. Re-name the new system in the network neighborhood properties to match the old system. (this step is only required on systems that have Unified Messaging installed).

9. Power down both systems. Open the case and remove the Dialogic cards form the old system and install them in the new. Note: be sure to label the phone lines going into the cards. It is advisable to keep the phone lines in order.

10. Power up the new system, perform test calls, etc!

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