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Amanda Voice Mail

Technical Notes for Meridan Interfacing


Amanda Programming

1. In the Setup program, c:/amanda/setup, PBX type and intergration must be correctly entered (Meridian).

2. Set Amanda System Integration Patterns (in the Setup program) as:

rrrr Forward from Ring No Answer - voice mail number
*eeee Direct Extension Call (note the *)
Make sure 'Timeout' is set to 10.

3. Still in the Setup program, make sure SMDI Ports (Advanced Settings) is set to 0, to dissable SMDI.
(If you have problems with intergration later, this may be a cause - SMDI must be dissabled in our application)

4. Start AMANDA. Dial the Voice-mail hunt group access number, and check the ports answer.
If no greeting is heard, check the users 990 and 991 are set to: "Do Not Disturb=ON, Store Messages=NO".


User Mail-Box's

Check Mail-box User ID 997. This is the template for all new mailboxes, so it must be correct!
User mailboxes should be be set: "Do Not Disturb: OFF, Store Messages: YES".
Check that all mailboxes are in the same 'group'.

Program message waiting notification under the Notification Menu - ALT-N - (Method).
Set the following two conditions:

enable = yes    MTWTFSS = Y    From 00:00 to 23:59
Noitfy after = 0 Min   Continue after = 5 Min   Max Times = 1 Min 
Title - MWI ON   Type = Normal       Variable = (NOTHING)      
Method = @S(1,'OP:MWI 000%U!\D') 

enable = yes    MTWTFSS = Y    From 00:00 to 23:59
Noitfy after = 0 Min   Continue after = 5 Min   Max Times = 1 Min
Title - MWI OFF   Type = PICK UP       Variable = (NOTHING) 
Method = @S(1,'RMV:MWI 000%U!\D') 


Meridian Station programming

In order for the Message Waiting Lamp to function, it must be enabled in the sets Class of Service (CLS)

For a digital set you need to following:

Hunt = 5555
FDN = 5225

For an analog set:

Hunt = 5555
FTR FDN = 5225

MWA = message waiting allowed
FNA = forward no answer allowed ( when there is no answer where do you want the call to go and the FDN is the extension you want the call to go to)
HTA = hunting allowed ( this is when your phone is busy do you want it to go somewhere else and hunt is the number you want the call to go to when your line is busy)
LPA = lamp allowed ( yuou have to have lamp allowed on an anlog set to light the voicemail led. it gets power to light the lamp from the power card on the shelf unlike a digital set that gets power from the digital line card)



To go directly to a mailbox (announcement only, for example, to eliminate answer machines) dial the hunt number followed by ## mailbox number. This can be performed by a speed dial:

eg, 2020*9*9##200  - dial 2020 (voicemail access number), pause 2 seconds (important!), dial ## and select mailbox 200.

Remember, back-up the configuration files using c:\amanda\backrest.

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