Mike's PBX Cookbook


Technical Notes for Mitel SX200-D (EL/ML) Interfacing

PBX Programing

1. Create a new COS for the voice mail ports with the following options enabled:

208: Call Forwarding - External
212: Can Flash if talking to an Incoming Trunk
213: Can Flash if talking to an Outgoing Trunk
216: Data Security
238: Override Security
240: Line Privacy
245: Abbreviated Dialing Access
258: Display Prime as Forwarder
259: Message Sending
261: ONS Voice Mail Port

2. Program the required number of voice-mail ONS ports (with the new COS), and place them in one common hunt group.

3. Edit the COS Options for voice mail stations/users, the following must be enabled:

208: Call Forwarding External
245: Abbreviated Dialing Access


221: Clear All Features (to disable call forwarding)
253: Call Forward Timer (number of rings)

4. Mitel System Options/Timers that must be enabled are:

21: Incoming to Outgoing Call Forward

5. Feature Access Code (41): define a number as the access code for "Send Message" (message notification). This access code is programmable in Mitel Form-4: Feature Access Codes.
For example, if 65 is the send message code:

Message-On = "651 plus Ext-Nr" and
Message-Off = "652 plus Ext-Nr"

6. Message Notification actions, activating bells or lamps, are defined COS options 231 and 232.

COS Option 231 notifies by bells.
COS option 232 notifies by lamps. On Superset-4 phones, it causes the LCD to display "1 Message".
On Superset-420 phones, it causes the LCD to display "1 Message". It also turns-on a flashing message waiting lamp.

7. Define an Abbreviated Dial access code in Mitel Form-4: Feature Access Codes, and program two abbreviated dial numbers for voice-mail access. This allows for a degree of intergration, as the callers extension number is sent to the Amanda (via DTMF) allowing her to destinguish between caller/user, etc.One number is used to pick up messages, the other is the forwarding point.

To enable voice mail, users must Call Forward their phones to an abbreviated number.
(This example uses 66 as the abbreviated dial code, 2020 is the Hunt Group access code, 100 and 101 are programed with the number strings as shown below.)

Program Speed-Calls:

100 - 2020*9*6
101 - 2020*9***6

To enable voice-mail, users Dial 66 100.

Abbreviated Number Dial Code (66) with index (100) is: 2020*9*6
This equates to: Dial-2020 / Pause-1-second / Tone-out- caller-extension-number

To retrieve messages, stations may dial speed call 66 101

Abbreviated Number Dial Code (66) with index (101) is: 2020*9***6
This equated to: Dial-2020 / Pause-1sec / Send * / Tone-out-caller-extension-number

8. Set Mitel Option-265: VoiceMail System Speed Dial Index to 101.
Note: When a user presses the "Message" Button, the system will dial 66 101.

9. Calls can be answered by the hunt group access code (form 14) to be greeted by the Auto-Attendant.

Amanda Programing

1. In the Setup program, c:/amanda/setup, PBX type and intergration must be correctly entered.

2. Set Amanda System Integration Patterns (in the Setup program) as:

rrrr Forward from Ring No Answer - from first speed call
*eeee Direct Extension Call - from second speed call (note the *)
Make sure 'Timeout' is set to 10.

3. Still in the Setup program, make sure SMDI Ports (Advanced Settings) is set to 0, to dissable SMDI.
(If you have problems with intergration later, this may be a cause - SMDI must be dissabled in our application)

4. Start AMANDA. Dial the Voice-mail hunt group access number, and check the ports answer.
If no greeting is heard, check the users 990 and 991 are set to: "Do Not Disturb=ON, Store Messages=NO".

5. Check Mail-box User ID 997. This is the template for all new mailboxes, so it must be correct!
User mailboxes should be be set: "Do Not Disturb: OFF, Store Messages: YES".
Check that all mailboxes are in the same 'group'.

Program message waiting notification under the Notification Menu - ALT-N - (Method).
Set the following two conditions:

Enabled: Yes
Title: MWI ON
Type: Normal
Method: --651%U
Notify After: 0 min
Continue Every: 5 min
Max times: 1
Enabled: Yes
Title: MWI OFF
Type: Pick-up
Method: --652%U
Notify After: 0 min
Continue Every: 5 min
Max times: 1

(65 is the message waiting code defined above, %U is the user)

6. To go directly to a mailbox (announcement only, for example, to eliminate answer machines) dial the hunt number followed by ## mailbox number. This can be performed by a speed dial:

eg, 2020*9*9##200  - dial 2020, pause 2 seconds (important!), dial ## and select mailbox 200.

7. Back-up the configuration files using c:\amanda\backrest.

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