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Delete User Storage

People will often forget to delete their old voicemail, and this can heavily impact system storage AND system performance. Deleting mailboxes with excessive storage quota's is an easy way to free up disk space, and improve system performance. Checking mailbox storage should be performed as part of regular maintenance, as should removing mailboxes that are no longer required.

Meridian Mail is a message retrieval system, and not an archival system! Play it (2), delete it (76)!
1Log in to MerMail, and from the Main Menu:
- Access: 1. User Administration.
2From the User Administration Menu:
- Access: 1. Local Voice User.
3Search for Mailboxs with Find softkey:
- If you are using Hyperterminal 6.3, this will be F10

Note: this is also the menu from where mailboxes are created, modified, or deleted (F2, F3 or F4 respectively).

4Display Mailboxs with List softkey:
- Or add more search criteria, then hit F3
5A list of Local Voice Users is displayed.
- Identify the heavy users in the Storage Used column.

You can either call the user and ask them to review their messages, or Arrow down, hit the space-bar to select a mailbox, and hit F4 (Delete) to delete the mailbox.

6Hit OK to Delete (F1) to confirm, and free up the storage.
Next, re-create the mailbox, and no one will ever know! (note, the mailbox password is then reset to default).

From Local Voice User (slide 3), hit Add to recreate the deleted mailbox.

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