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Meridian Mail card option:
Disk drive configuration

The following is a list of NT supported drives for the Meridian Mail card option, and the drive’s configuration instructions.

If the drive you’re installing is not supported, refer to the disk drive’s manual for the location of the terminator plugs and the jumper configurations. For a disk drive to function correctly with the Meridian Mail card option, it must have no terminators, its SCSI address must be set to zero, its parity must be enabled, and its motor must be set to start up when the power is turned on.

Maxtor drives: Seagate drives: Quantum drives:

OPT11 MMail Hard Drive Check:

1. Connect tape drive
2. Insert the install tape
3. Boot to the installation menu:

This should report the type of hard drive fitted...

4. If it does then:

5. If there are no errors, the hard drive is good!

Disk drive configuration:

For any drive: a) remove terminators, b) set SCSI address to zero, c) enable parity & motor start on power on.

Maxtor 7080S & 7080SR:

mmhd1.jpg (18815 bytes)

Maxtor 7080S-C:

mmhd2.jpg (14797 bytes)

Maxtor 7120S:

mmhd3.jpg (15406 bytes)

Maxtor LXT340SY (option A):

mmhd4.jpg (14792 bytes)

Maxtor LXT340SY (option B):

mmhd5.jpg (16973 bytes)

Quantum ProDrive 80S:

mmhd6.jpg (14975 bytes)

Seagate ST1096N:

mmhd7.jpg (14365 bytes)

Seagate ST1201N:

mmhd8.jpg (15006 bytes)

Seagate ST1480N:

mmhd9.jpg (20222 bytes)

Seagate ST3390N:

mmhd10.jpg (21613 bytes)

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