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Create a tape backup

Should the system fail, a recent backup tape will enable you to restore the system to the point at which the backup was made.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Backups!

To backup Meridian Mail (Card Option) to tape, follow these steps:

  1. Connect, and turn on the tape drive! It must be set to SCSI ID 1 (switch on drive rear).
  2. Log on to Meridian Mail, and from the Main Menu, select 2. General Administration, then 2. Volume Administration.
  3. Choose the disk volume to backup - there is only one disk volume, but you must still select it by pressing SPACE.
  4. Press Backup to Tape, the Disk to Tape Backup screen appears.
  5. Press Immediate Backup. At the prompt, insert a backup tape. It will tension.
  6. Press OK To Start Backup. The Backup Status screen appears, where you can watch the progress.
  7. When complete (30-60 mins), press Exit to return to the Volume Administration screen.
  8. Label, and safely store, your fresh backup tape. The tape drive can also be removed, if no longer required.

warning If a tape is in the drive at boot time, the hardware will attempt to boot from it. This will prevent Meridian Mail from recovering after a reset, or power failure. Therefore, although unattended backups seem like a good idea, always take an active interest in the process, and remove the tape between backups.


Tandberg Tape Drive LEDs:  LED Off - No tape Meridian Mail: Tandberg Drive, cable, and tape
Solid Gren LED - Tape in, and OK.
Flashing Green LED - Tape running (in-use)
Solid Amber LED - Fault (open/close drive door to reset)
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