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Meridian Mail
User Guide

This guide explains how to use Meridian Mail Voice Messaging.

Familiarize yourself with the most frequently used procedures such as logging in, playing your messages, and recording your greetings.

If you want to use a feature in this guide but cannot activate it, check with your system administrator.


Message List Commands













Logging into your mailbox

You need a Meridian Mail Voice Messaging access number, a mailbox number, and a password to log in to your mailbox.

You are now in your mailbox and can use all the messaging commands.

When you have finished your Meridian Mail Voice Messaging session, press 83 to disconnect, or simply hang-up

Changing your password

Your default password is your Mailbox number
Meridian Mail requires that you change your password on a regular schedule, set by your system administrator..

Recording Greetings

You can record external, internal, and temporary greetings.
If you don't record (or delete) your internal greeting, all callers will hear your external greeting.

While at your greeting, you can play, delete, or record it.

When you have finished recording your greetings, press 4 to exit.
Note: If your INTERNAL greeting is deleted, Internal callers hear the external greeting

Recording your name (personal verification)

You can play, delete, or re-record your personal verification the same way as your greetings.
When you have finished recording your personal verification, press 4.

Assigning a custom operator (dial "0" option)

The custom operator number is the number of the person your callers reach when they press zero.
Usually this is the main operator (0), but it may be set to a colleague or assistants phone number.

Playing your messages

When you log in to your mailbox, your message summary tells you the number of new messages in your message list and if any of them are urgent.

While you are playing a message, you can use these message commands:

Before, during, or after playing a message, you can use these message commands:

  • Empty your mailbox by deleting messages as often as possible.
  • Your messages may be automatically deleted on a schedule set by your administrator.
  • Meridian Mail is a message retrieval system, not a message archive system.
  • Failure to delete old messages will result in reduced system performance.

Calling the sender

You can place a call to the sender of a message if the number is known to Meridian Mail Voice Messaging.

Replying to the sender

You can record a reply to the message sender if the number is known to Meridian Mail Voice Messaging.

Forwarding a message

You can forward a message to another mailbox, to a distribution list, or to a person with no mailbox. You can also record an introduction to the original message.

Composing a message

To compose a message, you first address it, then record you message, then send it. You can address a message to one or more people or distribution lists.

Delivery options

After recording your message, the following options are available before sending:

Once you have made a selection, you must enter code 70 again to make another selection from this list. This option can be used anytime you record a message for delivery.  

Distribution lists

A distribution list saves you time when you send messages to the same group of addresses. You can create up to 9 personal distribution lists, and each may contain up to 99 entries. You can also use shared distribution lists supplied by your system administrator.

Express Messaging

Express Messaging is a fast method of leaving a message in another Voice mailbox without logging in to your own mailbox, or ringing the other person’s phone. Express Messaging must be enabled on your system by an administrator. Ask your system administrator for the Express Messaging number.


While you are using Meridian Mail Voice Messaging, you can make a call without hanging up. Ask your system administrator if Thru-Dial is available to you.

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