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Norstar Remote Tools 10.0
FastRAD  Installation


The Norstar Fast Remote Access Device (FastRAD) allows a personal computer (PC) running Norstar ICS Remote Tools (ICSRT) to communicate with a Key Service Unit (KSU). FastRAD also runs with Companion Diagnostics System (CDS) and Companion Manager.

Norstar FastRAD

FastRAD quick setup guide

Download the Remote Tools Installer (10) archive (30meg), and expand it.
Run Startup.exe to install software, following the on screen prompts.
UPDATE: Download NRU 11

Note: this software requires a correctly initialised Norstar FastRAD


Connect the FastRAD RJ-11 TCM port on the side panel of the FastRAD to a spare KSU station port.
Connect the FastRAD DB-9 pin serial port to a PC (default 9600 baud).

Programming the FastRAD

The FastRAD cannot be used for remote or direct connections until the user password has been programed through Feature 9**. This initial password programming must occur on-site.

IMPORTANT: There is no way to recover a lost or forgotten password.
(well, there is, you must open the box and short out the memory backup battery - not recommended).

A FastRAD is programmed from a Norstar two-line display telephone that is connected to the KSU. Programming information is entered into the FastRAD using the dialpad on the telephone. Follow the prompts that appear on the display.

IMPORTANT: You must wait 60 seconds before you attempt to program the FastRAD when: the FastRAD is connected or restarted; the power supply is disconnected or the KSU is restarted.

To start a programming session:

1. Press [FEATURE] 9 * * - The display prompts for Password

Note: When the password has been changed, the display shows: Enter password
Check the FastRAD installation wiring and start again if the display shows: Inactive feature

2. Press CHNG to change your programming password.
Using the dialpad, enter your new password. Your password must be from eight to 10 characters long.
As you enter your password, the display shows asterisks. The display changes to show: Confirm password
When you re-enter your password, asterisks appear on the display.

3. Press OK to accept your new password. The display changes to show Password again.

4. Press NEXT  - The display shows RAD Admin

The RAD Admin display is the main programming display. This display must appear on the telephone before you can begin to program the FastRAD.

General programming allows you to define the System ID number.
Before you begin entering general programming information, make sure the display shows RAD Admin

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