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Norstar RAD - Password Reset

You can not log onto a RAD without the password. If the password is unknown, you must reset the RAD. There are two ways to do this described here.

AOne is by opening the unit up and then carefully shorting out the battery on the motherboard of the RAD. This will reset the unit and you will be able to configure it with a new password and other parameters.

WARNING: This is a last resort procedure!

Unplug the unit and open it up. You'll find a capacitor about the size of 5 quarters stacked. On the back you'll find two metal leads.
Lay a screw driver or conductive wire across the two leads and short the capacitor.

Then try F9** again, and hopefully the display will show:

BThe other way is through the following programming sequence:

  1. Change the system date & time to: <09-21-99>.
  2. enter <Feature 9**>
  3. Under the display, press the left softkey: 9 times.
  4. Under the display, press the center softkey: 5 times.
  5. Under the display, press the right softkey: 7 times.
  6. Press the hold button once.
  7. Press the dial pad number 2 once.
  8. Press the dial pad number 1 once.
  9. Press the release button once.

The RAD password is now reset. In RAD programming you can enter a new password. Return to Installer programming and reset your date back to the correct information.

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