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ICS Compatible Phones


The M7324 (Expanded Set) is the best choice for a full-featured terminal or central answering position, because it offers 24 programmable buttons with an LCD for one-button access to any combination of lines, features and autodial numbers. Up to two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules (48 buttons/module) can be attached to a terminal to create powerful call coverage for many lines or to accommodate additional Norstar features (refer to section on CAP module for configurations).

Central Answering Position (CAP) / Key Lamp Module (KLM) as optional add on for M7324

Up to 2 Key Lamp Modules (NT8B41)—or Central Answering Positions (CAPs)—can be added to an M7324 providing 48 or 96 additional programmable buttons. Use these to program features or autodial numbers, or as status indicators for designated lines and telephone sets. An expanded M7324 can accommodate up to 80 lines.


The M7310 (Feature Set) is capable of handling extensive calling and call handling requirements. The 12 dual-function memory buttons, with a Shift button, provide access to a total of 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers. A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) can be attached to the M7310 to monitor the station status for buttons programmed for internal autodials.

Norstar Busy Lamp Field - Optional Add-On for M7310

The Busy Lamp Field creates an attendant position to monitor the status (busy or idle) of internal autodial keys programmed onto the dual programmable buttons of the M7310 set to which it is attached. No additional power or wiring is required.



The M7208 (Square Set) is well suited for lower internal and higher external calling volumes; it supports up to any combination of eight lines and frequently-used features.



The simple design of the M7100 (Basic Set) delivers Norstar functionality and reliability to areas or users.



The New Business Series Terminal T7208 (NT8B26) is ideal for users who need access to a just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones, like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers. This telephone set is similar to the M7208 and has a whole new look and new colors.


The New Business Series Terminal T7316 (NT8B27) is a full-featured, multi-line telephone for feature-intense users such as, managers and executive professionals, as well as for centralized answering and administrative positions. This telephone set is similar to the M7310 and has a whole new look and new colors.

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