Mike's PBX Cookbook

Norstar Hunt Groups

Programming steps required to setup a hunt group: -

System programming - Show
Hunt Groups - Show
Show group - Next

HG01:707 - Show (707 is the hunt group ext number. On CICS systems it  would be 290)

Member DNs - In your display, and ADD button comes up. Press ADD

M001: ___ - enter the first extension number you want to be part of the hunt group

M001: 223 - Show
Appr&Ring - Setting the ext to have the hunt group appear and ring on  it will automatically assign a certain button on the phone. Setting it to Ring Only will make the hunt group calls come in on intercom keys.

Hit Show again to get it back to:

M001: 223 - Press the ADD button again to continue to add members to the hunt group.

Hit the Heading button - Member DNs - Next

Line assignment - Show if you want to assign lines directly to the hunt group. Next to go on.....

Mode: Broadcast - This will make the incoming calls ring all the members ring simultaneously. Rotary and sequential doles the calls out one set at a time. Press Next.

If busy: Queue - Meaning that if everyone is busy, the call will be held in a que until the timer times out and it will try again. The caller will only hear ringing though. Press Next

Q timeout: 45. - Next. This is how long in seconds the call will remain  in que before trying to distribute the call again.

Overflow: ___ - Enter the extension number you want the call to overflow to when everyone is busy and the que has expired etc.

Name: HG01 - You can name the hunt group whatever you want.

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