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Norstar External Call Forward

This is done by using a destination code to access the trunk. You will need to determine a free Route, and a Destination Code. Also, you must have at least 4.1 software to execute this feature, and it will only work over SUPERVISED trunks.

1. Build a Route:

Services – Show
Ringing Service – Next to
Routing Service – Show
Routes – Show
Show Route: 001 – Show
Dialout: No Numbr – Leave alone – Next
Use: ( ) – Change to Pool you want it to use. (Pool A)
DN Type: Public
2. Build a Destination Code:
Routing Service – Show
Routes – Next
Dest Codes – Show
Show destcode: - Add
DstCode: (enter code) – OK
Normal: 000 – Change to route built – Show
AbsorbLength: ALL
Don’t have to worry about Night schedule etc.

Make sure the phone has Allow Redirect set to Yes and that you’ve allowed it access to the line pool you’re using.

Then go to the phone and press:

All calls that ring on the phone will be forwarded! All calls, including IC calls. So if you want one particular line to be forwarded but not others, program ONLY that line to appear & ring on the set.


You can go under Terminals&Sets, Capabilities and set the Forward No Answer. Just hit Change and when it says Forward To: enter the dest code and the phone number. Then set the Forward delay to the desired rings.

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