Mike's PBX Cookbook

Enhanced ATA, ATA2 Access Codes

All access codes must be preceeded with a Flash Hook (Link)

All the codes listed will function with the following minimum software levels:

*4 Call Forward
#4 Cancel Call Forward
*74 Call Park (No way of knowing which call park code is used)
*75 Call Pickup Group
*76 Call Pickup Directed
*801 Call Queing (Call Waiting)
*82 Camp-on
*3 Conference
#3 Conference Splitting
*79 Exclusive Hold
2 Hold (on and off)
5 Last Number Redial
*64 Line Pool Access (plus pool code)
*60 General Page (plus page code)(plus page zone)
*61 Page Sets (plus page zone)
*62 Page External
*63 Page Sets and External (plus page zone)
*69 Priority Call
*83 Privacy Control
*71 Link CO
*78 Pause
*72 Timed Release
*68 Restriction Override (plus password)
*2 Ring Again
#2 Ring Again Cancel
*67 Save Number (save and redial)
*1 Send Message
#1 Send Message Cancel
*0 System Speed Dial (plus code)
*809 Tones On
#809 Tones Off
*70 Transfer
*800 Trunk Answer (Service Mode)
*66 Voice Call
*981 Voice Mail Access
*980 Voice Mail Leave Message
*986 Voice Mail Transfer
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