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UCM Password Reset

NOTE: If you have the password, but get a "OVL0428 - User authentication to CS1000 call server failed..." error, try this first:

  1. Login to SS0 as admin2 (TTY via SSH)
  2. Enter: appstart Jboss-Quantum restart (case sensitive, no service impact)
  3. Wait for the TTY message "UCM is now ready to use" (takes about 5 minutes)
  4. Try to logon on the UCM from the browser.

Procedure to reset UCM admin (Secure Domain) password.

If the UCM admin password is lost, locked out, or expired, use the following procedure to log-in locally with an emergency account (admin2) and reset it. On completion, log into the CS with the new admin password and Check Registered Elements.

If you want to reset/change the local-login root/admin2 password(s), refer to: Linux Base Password Reset.

warning The following steps are performed on the TLAN.
The "Change Password" function is TLAN only.


The PC hosts file must resolve the <fqdn> to the TLAN address of the Primary Security Server.
If you cannot ping <fqdn>, check the hosts file as follows:

Note: To access the CS from the TLAN, SSH into the UCM, and enter cslogin. End the CS session with ~. (tilde, fullstop).

From a PC connected to the TLAN:

1 Open a web browser, and enter the URL: https://<fqdn>/local-login

Log on with the default emergency account: admin2.

2 After logging in, change the browser URL to: https://<fqdn>/passwordReset and press Enter.

The "Password Reset" screen will display:

3 Completely close the browser program.

4 Re-open the browser, and enter the URL: https://<fqdn>/network-login

Enter the User ID and TEMPORARY password. On clicking Log In, you will see:

Login denied. The possible reasons are: This is your first login attempt. Your password is about to expire or has expired.

5 Click Change Password to change the password (again!) and activate the user account.

The following "Password Change" screen displays:

6 Click Save, and note the "User password changed successfully" message.

Completely close the browser program.

7 Re-open the browser, and enter the URL: https://<fqdn>/network-login

Login in with admin, and the new admin password.

8 OPTIONAL: to stop this happening again...

Click on Security - Policies, and edit the Password Policy as required.
For example, uncheck: Aging / History / Strength / Lockout.

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