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UCM Password Change

Procedure to change the CSK1 password for systems with a UCM (> Rel 6)

The UCM security domain provides central authentication, authorization, and secure communication between member elements - hence, changing the CS1K password in no longer done in LD 17, but in the UCM. All system elements must be registered, aware of the password change, and updated accordingly. Note, the password will change for all elements.

Use the following procedure:  1. Regenerate token
2. Change password
3. Un-register and re-register CS1K elements.
4. Regenerate token

1 Regenerate token

Regenerate token

2 Change Password

A. Click Change Password...
B. Enter old and new passwords, and Save
C. Confirm the change was successful.
Step: A B C

3 Un-register and re-register all CS1K elements

a) Un-register elements (LD 117):

=> unreg u s
Are you sure you want this element to remove themselves from the security domain? (Y/N)y

SEC099 This element has successfully removed security domain membership credentials

SEC038 Security domain membership has been revoked.  (Centralized authentication is now disabled.)

b) Re-register elements:

=> reg u s
IP address of the Primary Security Server:
The authenticity of host can't be established.
Remote host fingerprint is: 14:EB:39:8A:BB:09:89:06:10:A3:83:E7:17:F3:BD:8C
Are you sure you want to continue connecting? (Y/N)y

User Name (UCM): admin
Password (admin): <enter-new-password> (RSA) permanently added to the Authorized key file

SEC037 Security domain membership has been granted.  (Centralized authentication is now enabled.)

c) Check elements are registered:

=> stat u s


4 Regenerate token (again), and confirm all elements update successfully.

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