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Change an Option 11c TID

This procedure is only intended as a temporary workaround to get a Meridian Mail system working in an emergency, ie: while waiting for new keycodes to arrive after some type of outage, etc.

When you use a temporary set of software (eg, does not belong to the site), the system will not data dump. The EDD data dump can only be done when this setting has been modified, either from within PDT or via a new set of ISM keycodes in LD 143.

Proceed with EXTREME CAUTION! A typo can seriously break things, and make it a long day!

This example is from a 2121 / 04.00T system, hence HEX offsets 9815 (Security ID) and 97bf (Aux ID) are used. Check the table below for other release HEX offsets. Notice how the Security and Aux ID's are split into transposed digit pairs, just to confuse you!

>ld 22
REQ  tid
SECURITY ID:81924637
AUX ID     :138426
REQ                       enter PDT by pressing the 'Ctrl' key & typing 'pdt'

PDT:  login on /sdi/tty2
Password:                 enter the PDT password!
PDT in Progress. Please Wait....
pdt> p 9815 5  (cr)       prints the current SECURITY ID:81924637

            2nd 1st  4th 3rd  6th 5th  8th 7th - digits
00009815 : 0000B1B8 0000B2B9 0000B6B4 0000B7B3 00000000
pdt> p 97bf 4  (cr)       prints the current AUX ID:138426 - which will be changed

            2nd 1st  4th 3rd  6th 5th  8th 7th - digits
000097BF : 0000B3B1 0000B4B8 0000B6B2 00000000

pdt> w 97bf  (cr)
000097BF : 0000B3B1 /b0b1   (space)      This will change the Aux ID
000097C0 : 0000B4B8 /b3b2   (space)                   to 10 23 36 29
000097C1 : 0000B6B2 /b6b3   (space)
000097C2 : 00000000 /b9b2   (space) 
000097C3 : 00000000 /       (cr)        
pdt> sl1input  (cr)       or type 'exit' to leave PDT
SECURITY ID:81924637
AUX ID     :10233629      the AUX ID has been changed to 10233629

Other Option 11c PDT pointer Hex addresse values:

ReleaseSecurity IDAux ID
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