Mike's PBX Cookbook

MGC Command Reference

There are two commands shells:

Open an SSH (or serial: 9600,8,N,1) session with the MGC, and login (see below). Use the OAM shell command mgcinfoshow to display the MGC configuration data, including IP addresses, uptime, registration status, and superloop information.

Default Passwords:

<Ctrl> OAMUsernamePassword
<Ctrl> LDBUsernamePassword

Command Reference:

Local DeBug commands (<Ctrl> LDB) listed alphabetically. They are Case Sensitive.

dbhwshowDisplay the model and revision numbers for installed DBs.
diskformatFormats the Compact Flash card erasing all stored Loadware and any stored passwords etc.
Card will boot from the Gold Image if the Compact Flash is empty.
diskshowDisplay the total, used, and available disk space on the internal flash card.
displayshowDisplay the information currently showing on the faceplate display, eg loop and shelf.
dspnumshow <status>Display the number of DSP channels for each DSP DB in the specified mode.
dspchanstateshowList the state (busy, idle, disabled, or unequipped) for all channels on the DSP DBs.
dsphwcheckPerform a basic DSP hardware diagnostic check, testing for any hardware failures.
dsplooptest card1 channel card2 channel2Perform a DSP loopback test on idle channels.
ethportmirror <to> <from>Capture traffic from a specified port to a mirrored port (LDB).
ethportshowDisplay the Ethernet port settings for the external and internal interfaces.
ethspeedshowDisplay the port speed and duplex setting of the embedded Ethernet switch currenlty running.
helpDisplays available help commands. eg, help vgw for help on vgw/dsp commands.
isecIkeShowPAllDisplay all protection suites (inbound and outbound IPsecSecurity association pairs).
isecIpsecShowIfThe following example shows command output.
joinsecdomainRegisters Media Gateway with the UCM.
macshowDisplay all MAC addresses associated with the Ethernet ports (both internal and external) on the embedded Ethernet switch.
memshowDisplay the total, used, and available RAM memory on the card.
mgcdbshow card_numberDisplay information about the DSP DB.card_number can be 0, 11, 12, or 13.
mgcinfoshowDisplay configuration, including IP addresses, uptime, registration status, and superloop information.
mgcIPClearClears the Non-Volatile ram on the card erasing all of the stored IP information.
mgcsetupPrompts you with the current IP Address Settings and allows you to make changes.
mspversionshowDisplay MSP Device type, ARM code, Voice DSP Revision, and T.38 version.
ommshowPrint the current OM data to the console.
rebootReboots the controller e.g. a cold restart (-1).
rmonstatresetallReset all RMON statistics counters for all ports on the embedded Ethernet switch.
rmonstatshow portDisplay the RMON stats collected by the embedded Ethernet switch for the specified port.
rmonstatshowallDisplay the RMON statistics collected by the embedded Ethernet switch for all ports.
sshKeyShowDisplay the SSH key.
swversionshowDisplay the software version.
testalarmSend an SNMP trap.
versionDisplay the VxWorks software version.
vgwcardshow cardnumDisplay all channel information for the specified card.
vgwshowShow information about busy channels.
vgwshowallDisplay information about all channels.
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