Mike's PBX Cookbook

Network and Signaling Diagnostic

LD 30 is used to test Network loops. It may be run in background, loaded during the daily routines, or loaded manually. LD 30 is usually invoked as part of the Meridian 1 Daily Routines. When invoked automatically, the program performs the following tests:

Digital telephones that pass the signaling test have their date and time updated to match the system clock.
Any digital telephone or card that fails the signaling test may be disabled by this program. Use LD 32 to re-enable them.

At typical LD 30 output (as part of the daily routines) is shown below:

NWS   LD30  BEGIN  00:00   8/8/2001

NWS501 4 0 13 : -9

NWS501 4 0 14 : -11

NWS501 12 0 13 : -14

NWS   LD30  END  00:00   8/8/2001

This printout shows that three TN's (Loop/Shelf/Card) have failed the signaling test. As the unit numbers are preceeded by a minus sign, they have been disabled. The fault may be:

  1. PE Line card
  2. The telephone set
  3. Cabling (most probable!)

The units should be re-enabled in LD 32, and the cause of the fault investigated.

LD 32
. ENLU 4 0 13 9

When invoked manually on systems other than the Option 11, the overlay may be used to:

When invoked manually on an Option 11 system, the program may be used to:

For further information, refer to the Software Input/Output Guide.

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