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ITG HEX display Codes

The NTDW65 MC32S Media Card provides 32 IP-TDM gateway ports. It replaces the previous ITG (Integrated IP Telephony Gateway Trunk) cards and runs on CS 1000 Release 5.0 software. The four-digit faceplate display indicates card status or a fault condition.

Replace the Media Card when (after a reboot) a fault is displayed in the form F:xx on the faceplate display as this indicates an unrecoverable hardware failure. Note, if the Media Card displays F:08, this can just mean that the Security Device is missing.

Maintenance Codes

If a test fails, “F:XX” shows on the hex display for three seconds after the “T:13” (Testing SEEPROM) message, with the number represented by “XX” indicating the test that failed. For example, if the 8051 co-processor test failed, “F:05” shows.

Display Description
T:00 Initialisation
T:01 Testing internal RAM
T:02 Testing ALU
T:03 Testing address modes
T:04 Testing watchdog
T:05 Testing 8051 co-processor
T:06 Testing timers
T:07 Testing external RAM
T:08 Testing dongle (F:08 may mean the security device is missing or bad)
T:09 Programming timeswitch FPGA
T:10 Programming ISPDI FPGA
T:11 Testing host dual port RAM
T:12 Testing DS-30 dual port RAM
T:13 Testing SEEPROM
T:14 Booting Host processor, waiting for response with selftest information
T:20 Waiting for application start-up message from Host processor
T:21 CardLAN enabled, waiting for request configuration message
T:22 CardLAN operational, A07 enabled, display now under host control

If the internal RAM test, ALU test, address mode test, boot ROM test, timer test, or external RAM test fails, the pack goes into a maintenance loop as no further processing is possible.

Error Codes

If the IXP encounters any failures during its initialization, an H:XX error code displays. The list of error codes is as follows:

Display Description
H:00 Host Processor not booting
H:01 SDRAM test failure
H:02 SRAM test failure
H:04 PCMCIA device failure
H:08 Network interface failure
H:10 Meridian 1 interface failure
H:20 DSP interface failure
H:40 NVRAM/EEPROM interface failure
H:80 PCM connector failure

Status Codes

If the hardware selftests pass and the application starts up successfully, the screen cycles through the following display codes to indicate the function and status of the card.

Display Description
ITGT Application family
V232 Release
M.xx Minor release
LDR BLDR FLR Pack role: leader/backup-leader/follower
IXXX Error messages
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