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CPMG Bios Update

Sometimes a CPMG card (NTDW59BAE6 or NTDW56BAE6) may not reboot after a power cycle or front panel reset. Pushing the reset button a few times may eventually allow the card to boot up, but the problem can be resolved by changing the BIOS system memory frequency setting from Auto to 333MHz fixed frequency - which is compatible with the Avant DDR2 memory modules.

Avaya recommends the following be undertaken at the next maintenance opportunity to eliminate possible reboot issues.

These instructions describe how to access and modify the BIOS settings on the NTDW59BAE6 CPMG 128 and NTDW56BAE6 CPMG 32 cards, bringing the memory settings to a level compatible with the rest of the card.

1 Connect a serial port to faceplate TTY1 (CP Side). Let system boot to the initial BIOS screen:

2 Press ctrl-c and wait for the system to enter the Setup Utility:

3 Move to the Advanced menu using the cursor right key:

4 Select the Chipset Configuration sub-menu using the cursor down key and press Enter:

5 If the System Memory Frequency is "Auto", select System Memory Frequency to popup the speed select menu. Change setting from "Auto" to fixed frequency of 333MHz and press Enter.

A fixed frequency of 333MHz is set.

6 Press ESC to go back to main menu. Then using the cursor keys select the Exit menu and select Exit Saving Changes.

7 Select Yes to save the changes. The screen will refresh and the system will stop at this point.

8 Remove and re-insert the CPMG card or cycle power the shelf. After the system comes up the System Memory Speed will now show 667MHz.

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