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VGMC 5.5 Upgrade

Upgrading the VGMC's from 4.5 to 5.5

MC32 Flash Card

1 Remove the VGMC, and remove the Flash card on it. Using a Compact Flash to USB reader, mount the Flash card on your PC.

2 Find the file: IPL55012.sa. It's in the root directory of the 5.5 Sig Server Application CD. Copy it to your PC.

3 Rename the IPL55012.sa file to exec (no extension), and copy it to the VGMC Flash card, replacing the older/smaller version already there (you might want to back this file up first).

4 Replace the VGMC, and watch it boot. Shortly after it responds to a Ping, it should register.

5 Check the VGMC loadware in Element Manager:

Software ► Voice Gateway Media Card

Click on the Node, the VGMC's are listed, click LW Version to check, and scroll down to see the results box...
It should now show version 5.5 is installed:


Installed Image:     IPL IPL-5.50.12 (SMC) - Wed Feb  6 18:51:34 EST 2008
Additional Modules:
vxWorks.sym          VxWorks5.5.1


Note: The same procedure is used to copy/install the MIRAN software (eg: miran30M.mms) onto an MC-8 Miran III card.

Software Delivery card:

You can alternatively upgrade VGMC Loadware using a PCMCIA "Software Delivery card" and the CLI:

  1. Copy the IPL55012.sa file to a PCMCIA card, for the VGMC faceplate.
  2. Reset the VGMC, and watch the boot sequence: enter jkl when prompted.
  3. Enter the command: copy "/A:/IPL55012.sa","/C:/exec"
  4. Reset the card, and watch the boot messages to confirm the new SW version.
-> copy "/A:/IPL55012.sa", "/C:/exec"
/A:/  - Volume is OK 
Copy OK: 7475304 bytes copied
value = -1 = 0xffffffff = _func_taskRegsShowRtn + 0xffea1157
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