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Keycode Update Procedure

It might be necessary to apply a new keycode, for example to add new features, or increase system limits. Usually, keycodes come as a small file with a KCD extension. You can either boot the Call Server from the software installation Compact Flash card (Nortel calls it an RMD), and from from the Tools Menu, pick option <r> "To install Keycode only." OR, you can use knew in LD 143. This method has far less downtime.

Copy the .kcd file into a directory called "keycode" (all lowercase) on a compact flash card (the EDD card is fine); you can do this with CF card reader and a PC/Mac/laptop. Make sure the file name is not longer than 8.3 characters, if it is, rename it. Place the RMD in the Call Server, access Load 143, and issue the knew rmd command.


Alternatively, if you do not have physical access to the Call Server (or a CF card reader), you can do this remotely:

  1. Make sure there's an RMD in the remote (Active) Call Server flash drive.
  2. FTP into the call server IP, using the PDT2 username/password combo.
  3. Change to the RMD keycode directory: cd /cf2/keycode/ - see note below.
    (if the directory "keycode" doesn't exist, create it with mkdir. Use ls, cd, and pwd to check)
  4. Change to bin mode, and mput the local .kcd file: mput c86542.kcd
  5. After a successful transfer, close the FTP session...
  6. SSH or rlogin to the Call Server, and access LD 143
  7. Issue the knew rmd command, and select your newly uploaded keycode file.
  8. Observe the TTY output, a PBX restart maybe required.



If the system instantly activates the New Keycode, the following message is output:

CCBR020 New Keycode accepted and activated successfully. Sysload is NOT needed!

If the New Keycode cannot be activated instantly, the following message is output:

CCBR009 New Keycode accepted. It will be activated during the next restart.
In this case, it will be necessary to co-ordinate a PBX restart, an INI is not sufficient.


The following TTY output shows the LD 143 knew rmd command:

>ld 143


.knew rmd
/cf2/  - Volume is OK Change volume Id from 0x0 to 0x617ae38e
 The following keycode files are available on the removable media:

                 Name                     Size       Date        Time
               --------------------      ------    -----------  -------
 <CR> -> <1> - C86542.KCD                  1114    Jun-14-2011   08:19
         <q> - Quit

         Enter choice> 1

SRPT4612 KC: file /u/direct.tmp has been copied to /p/sl1/direct.new

SRPT4612 KC: file /cf2/keycode/C86542.KCD has been copied to /p/install/keycode.new
CCBR009 New Keycode accepted. It will be activated during the next restart

The output indicates the new keycode was fine, and it will be activated during the next restart. An INI is not enough, you must hit the reset button on the Call Server. But, don't forget to LD 43: EDD before you do! A restart will incure a few minutes of downtime.

After the restart, goto LD 22, enter slt at the REQ prompt to print "system limits", and confirm the keycode changes are applied.

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