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Registering the Attendant PC software

Question: The PC Attendant is stuck in “Position Busy”, although it has been working fine since installation about a month ago. The handset and headset are properly installed and it’s not in Night Mode, so why won’t the console “unbusy”?

Answer: Nortel requires that this product be registered within 30 days following installation. Please verify that your PC Attendant software has been registered. If not, you will need to obtain a registration number from the vendor.

Problem: There is no more support for the PC Attendant Console!

Solution: If you can find your registration number, enter it as described below. Otherwise:

Note: The Attendant PC software will work on Windows XP, but it IS NOT Windows 7 compatible.

The following information is taken from the NTP (553-3001-320), page 179.

The Attendant PC software has now been installed, however this software will expire in 30 days unless it is made permanent by the following registration process.

Note: If the Attendant PC software has not been registered within 30 days after installation, you will be unable to access the application and you will be prompted to enter a registration number before you can use the software.

Note: Completing registration before the 30 day period ends is highly recommended, since some information, such as the “Installation code”, which is requested when you are obtaining the registration code through the registration process, is available only within the Attendant PC application.

To register your copy of Attendant PC software:

  1. Choose Console Configuration from the Configuration menu, then click the Consoles tab.
  2. Click the Register tab.
  3. Call the number provided on the dialog box and provide the information requested by the technical staff.
  4. Type the registration number provided by the technical staff into the text box and click OK.
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