Mike's PBX Cookbook

Default Short Codes

Most IP Office control units are available in A-Law and μ-Law models. Typically μ-Law models are supplied to North American locales, A-Law models are supplied to the rest of the world. In addition to using different default companding, A-Law and μ-Law models also support different default short codes. The following table lists the default system short codes from IP Office Rel. 5 onwards.

Short CodeTelephone
*00BlankCancel All Forwarding
*01BlankForward Unconditional On
*02BlankForward Unconditional Off
*03BlankForward ON Busy On
*04BlankForward ON Busy Off
*05BlankForward ON No Answer On
*06BlankForward ON No Answer Off
*07*N#NForward Number
*08BlankDo Not Disturb On
*09BlankDo Not Disturb Off
*10*N#NDo Not Disturb Exception Add
*11*N#NDo Not Disturb Exception Del
*12*N#NFollow Me Here
*13*N#NFollow Me Here Cancel
*14*N#NFollow Me To
*15BlankCall Waiting On
*16BlankCall Waiting Off
*17?UVoicemail Collect
*18BlankVoicemail On
*19BlankVoicemail Off
*20*N#NSet Hunt Group Night Service
*21*N#NClear Hunt Group Night Service
*22*N#NSuspend Call
*23*N#NResume Call
*24*N#NHold Call
*25*N#NRetrieve Call
*26 Clear CW
*27*N#NHold CW
*28*N#NSuspend CW
*29BlankToggle Calls
*30BlankCall Pickup Any
*31BlankCall Pickup Group
*32*N#NCall Pickup Extn
*33*N#NCall Queue
*34N;NHold Music
*35*N#NExtn Login
*36BlankExtn Logout
*37*N#NPark Call
*38*N#NUnpark Call
*391Relay On
*401Relay Off
*411Relay Pulse
*422Relay On
*432Relay Off
*442Relay Pulse
*45*N#NAcquire Call
*46BlankAcquire Call
*47BlankConference Add
*48BlankVoicemail Ringback On
*49BlankVoicemail Ringback Off
*50BlankForward Huntgroup On
*51BlankForward Huntgroup Off
*52BlankCancel or Deny
*53*N#NCall Pickup Members
*57*N#NForward On Busy Number
*70BlankCall Waiting Suspend
*70*N#NDial Physical Extn By Number
*71*N#NDial Physical Extn By ID
*9000*"MAINTENANCE"Relay On
*91N;N".1"Record Message
*92N;N".2"Record Message


N - Match Any Digits
Matches any dialed digits (including none). The Dial Delay Time or a following matching character is used to resolve when dialing is complete.

? - Default Match
This character can be used on its own to create a short code match in the absence of any other short code match.

U - User Name
Replace with the User Name of the dialing user. Used with voicemail.

. - Dialed Digits
Replace with the full set of dialed digits that triggered the short code match.

Additional short codes of the form *DSSN, *SDN, *SKN, these are used by the IP Office system for internal functions and should not be removed or altered. Short codes *#N and **N may also visible, these are used for ISDN functions in Scandinavian locales.

For IP Office 4.2+, the default *34 short code for music on hold has changed to *34N;.

Default auto attendant short codes of the form *81XX, *82XX, *83XX and *84XX are only added when an Embedded Voicemail auto attendant is added to the IP Office's configuration.

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