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Phone Port Pinout

An RJ45 to RJ11 cable is used to connect from IP Office DS (Digital Station) or POTS (Analog) telephone ports to sets. Analog Trunk ports also use the same cable. The appropriate signal pin-outs are detailed below.

DS ports are provided by IP500 Digital Station Cards, IP500 ATM Combination Cards, IP500 BRI Combination Cards and IP500 Digital Station external expansion modules.

The IP400 ATM4 analog trunk cards and IP500 analog trunk cards only support loop-start trunks. The ATM16 Analog Trunk module supports both loop-start and ground-start trunks, switchable within the IP Office configuration.

Analog PHONE ports on IP Office control units must not be connected to out-of-building extensions.

IP Office
Pin #
1 Not used
2 Not used
3 Not used
4 - Ring
5 - Tip
6 Not used
7 Not used
8 Not used

1 Pair

Station Jack
Pin #
3 Red
4 Green
Phone Jack

RJ11: Pins 3 (Red) & 4 (Green)

Phone/Trunk Card LED status

Analog Trunk Green On = Card fitted.
Green Flashing = Trunk in use.
Analog Phone Status LEDs are NOT used for analog extensions
Digital Phone Green On = Phone detected.
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