Mike's PBX Cookbook

No Answer Time

This sets the amount of time before an alerting call is considered unanswered. What happens to it then depends on the call type.

For calls to a user, the call follows the user's Forward on No Answer settings if enabled. If no forward is set, the call will go to voicemail if available, or else continues to ring. This timer is also used to control the duration of call forwarding if the forward destination does not answer. It also controls the duration of ringback call alerting. This setting is overridden by the User | Telephony | Call Settings | No Answer Time setting for a particular user if different (right image below).

For calls to hunt groups, this setting controls the time before the call is presented to the next available hunt group member. This setting is overridden by the Hunt Group | Hunt Group | No Answer Time setting for a particular hunt group if different.

System ➤ Telephony ➤ Telephony...
- defines system default (all users)
User ➤ Telephony ➤ Call Settings...
- overrides default for this user

Default = 15 seconds. Range = 6 to 99999 seconds.

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