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Line Appearance

A 'Line Appearance' button is used to make and answer external calls on a specific line, and to indicate line status. With incoming calls, the destination user or group is still used, however with a Line Appearance button the call can be directly answered by that user.

When a user is both the Incoming Call Route destination and has a Line Appearance button for a line, incoming calls will only alert on the Line Appearance button and not on any other buttons. These calls will also not follow any forwarding. This is then a Private Line.

Line Appearance buttons are assigned under the User ➤ Button Programming tab.

  1. Click on the desired button number row. It will highlight.
  2. Right of the lower Action field, click the three full stops button (arrowed).
  3. From the option list that appears, navigate to Appearance ➤ Line Appearance
  4. Under Action Data, enter the 'Line Appearance ID'. Action can be 'Immediate', 'Delay Ring', or 'No Ring'.

Line Appearance Settings

Note: Automatic Extension Privacy (#304) will prevent other extensions with access to the same line from joining an active call.
Line Appearance is supported for Analog, E1 PRI, T1, T1 PRI, and BRI trunks. It's NOT supported for E1R2, QSIG and IP trunks.
A maximum of 10 line appearances are allowed to the same line.

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