Mike's PBX Cookbook

Music on Hold

Download a music file, and name it holdmusic.wav

holdmusic.wav -
holdmusic2.wav -

To roll your own, the music file must be in the following format:

File TypeFile NameBit RateSample SizeChannelsSample RateFormatLength
WAVholdmusic.wav128kbps16 bit1 (mono)8 kHzPCM< 90 seconds

Copy holdmusic.wav either to the IP Office from Manager, using ADVANCED ➤ EMBEDDED FILE MANAGEMENT, or directly to the System SD using a card reader. Place the music file in the /system/primary folder.

Alternatively, the Manager should upload the file(s) automatically if they're placed in the Working Directory, and the built-in TFTP server is enabled (check in Preferences). You may also setup a TFTP server such as SolarWinds or PumpKIN to upload the file(s). An IP Office will automatically look for a TFTP server in the same subnet when it reboots.

In the Manager application:

WAV file

You can add up 3 additional hold music files, all copied to /system/primary, under "Alternate Sources".

Enter * 34N # from any phone to listen hold music from source N (1 = System).

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