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Adding Licenses

Various IP Office features and applications require entry of license keys into the system's configuration. License keys are unique 32-character codes based on the feature being activated and the Feature Key Dongle (System SD Card) serial number.

The serial number is printed on the Feature Key Dongle and prefixed with SN (IP500) or FK (IP500 V2). It is also shown in the System configuration tab, under Dongle Serial Number using IP Office Manager. You'll need this number to order a new License key for a new feature.

Licenses are distributed as an Excel file, which you will need to open. Confirm the serial number is correct, then copy (ctrl-c) the Encrypted Key from the Excel Worksheet All Keys, and paste (ctrl-v) it into the Manager. Then Save the configuration change.

To Add a License:

  1. Open a configuration, and click the left License key icon License Key Icon
  2. Click the top-right folder icon Add License Folder to Add a license
  3. Paste in the license key (copied from Excel), and click OK
  4. Click the Save Config icon Add License Save and close the window
  5. Re-open the configuration, and check the License Status is Valid.
Add IPO License Steps

If you have a lot of license keys to add, create a text file with a license key on each line. Name this file keys.txt, and copy it into the /system/primary folder on the System SD memory card.

If a license file called keys.txt is found in the /system/primary folder during boot time (IP500v2), the new licenses in that file will be merged with the configuration. This is also a good way to backup your license keys.

Each license can have a status of: Unknown, Valid, Invalid, Dormant, Obsolete, or Expired. You'll want your keys to be Valid!

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