Mike's PBX Cookbook

IP Office Backup / Restore

Backup IP Office Configuration

Restore IP Office Configuration

To Backup...

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Select File ➤ Open Configuration...
    Select the IP Office, enter the username/password.

  3. Go to File ➤ Save Configuration As...
  4. Select a location, and make sure the file type is .CFG
  5. Press Save

Remember to backup regularly!

To Restore...

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Go to File ➤ Offline ➤ Open File...
  3. Select the backup .CGF file, and click Ok
    The configuration file opens in IP Office Manager.

  4. Select File ➤ Offline ➤ Send Config...
  5. Tick the box next to the IP Office and click Ok
    Enter the username/password when prompted.
  6. Select File ➤ Advanced ➤ Reboot...

  7. When the system has rebooted, select it, and log in
  8. Select File ➤ Save Configuration, select Immediate

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