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G4x16 Module Wiring

G4x16 Media Bay Module Amphenol Wiring

The 4x16 MBM has RJ-11 ports for connecting Analog Trunks, and an RJ-21 amphenol for connecting the Digital Stations. It is compatible with the BCM 200/400 Main Unit, BCM 400 Expansion Unit, BCM 450 Main Unit, BCM 450 Expansion Unit and BCM 50 Expansion Unit

G4x16 Module

For the Digital Station wiring, refer to ASM/GASM/DSM Media Bay Module Ampenol Wiring, consulting the DSM32 High column(s).

There are 4 line ports for analog trunks, and an auxiliary port next to Line port 1 designated for an emergency (power fail) phone.
The RJ-11 pin outs are standard:

G4x16 Module RJ11

1No Connection
2No Connection
5No Connection
6No Connection

The following Default Line Number's apply when the module is used with a BCM50 Expansion Unit.

Line PortExpansion Port 1
Default Line Number
Expansion Port 2
Default Line Number

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