Mike's PBX Cookbook
Mikes PBX Cookbook


This website provides a personal collection of technical programming aids for the M1/CS1K/PBX technician. The content is exactly that - personal - and I hope you can find it as useful as I do.

This Cookbook is a way for me to...

  1. Record my notes... and know where to find them!
  2. Share my notes and experiences with the community.
  3. Be constructive, and learn some web-site building tricks!

Who's Mike? - A Mac toting tip and ring guy with a web site. You probably already guessed that.
Why? - If there's a page here, it's because I've done it, and want to remember how for next time.

I love pbxbook.com

Some mumbo-jumbo...

This section unfortunately seems to be getting longer and longer... but, please read it.
If you have any concerns, comments, or other feedback, please use the contact form.



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