Mike's PBX Cookbook

Troubleshooting Meridian Mail

Enable Application Module Link to the Meridian Mail:

LD 48 Commands:

STAT AML (x)Get AML Status (x=9-15)—All layers should be enabled
ENL AML xEnable AML x
ENL MSDL x FDLEnable MSDL x, Force Download
ENL AML x LYR2Enable AML x layer 2
ENL AML x AUTOEnable Auto recovery

Check Status of Meridian Option 11-81C: Agents—should be Idle and not logged out

LD 32 Commands:

STAT 10Option 11C Mail Card version
STAT slotOption 11C MGate card slot
STAT loopOption 51-81C loop used for Mail

Initialize the Meridian Option 11C Agents (If a LD 32 STAT shows agents logged out): A. LD 48 DIS AML xx, ENL AML xx (normally xx=09 or 15), STAT AML (Should display BCS Log In) or B. Enable cards that are disabled in Meridian Mail Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status Enable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C) or C. Disable then Enable the ports in both Meridian Mail and Meridian 1: Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status Disable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C) Meridian 1 PBX: LD 32 DISC 10 Disable 11C Mail card. or DISC 2 and 6 Disable 11C MGate cards or DISL 0-255 Disable Option 51-81C loop(s) used for Mail ENLC or ENLL xx Enable Mail card or loop(s)

Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status

Enable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C) or D. Meridian 1 PBX: Reset the switch

Break into a Mailbox: Mailbox’s Class of Service= Auto-Logon. For remote access, add their DN to your set.

Change Mailbox Password: Using the Admin. Terminal, go to the User’s screen and press F9.

Monitor for Hackers: You can monitor selected mailboxes during a specified time for unsuccessful login attempts using invalid passwords.


Backup Voice Mail

  1. At Main Menu select: (2) General Administration, then (2) Volume and Selective Backup
  2. Select VSI and VS2 by positioning the cursor on the line and pressing
  3. Select Voice and Data for all the volumes. 4 Select Backup to tape. 5. Immediate Backup.

Restore Voice Mail: To Restore Meridian Mail use the System tape and Backup tape.

Bulk Provisioning: Enables you to transfer data between Meridian Mail systems:

  1. Data set Maintenance: Select specific services and VSDNs or select ALL.
  2. Copy data to tape—[space bar] and [start].
  3. At another MM, Load Provision from tape: Select specific services/VSDNs or select ALL.

System Event and Error Reports (SEER) messages:

Are printed to the Console if no port is specified in General administration.

Print system errors and messages (SEER) to Voice Mail printer:

  1. Logon to the Meridian Voice Mail, and select menus (5) System Status and Maintenance symbol 224 \f "Wingdings" \s 10à (7) System Event and Error Reports symbol 224 \f "Wingdings" \s 10à (2) SEER Configuration.
  2. At the Printer setting, select Enabled (use the spacebar to toggle the selection).
  3. Save and Exit.

Slow Voice Mail or Message Waiting Indication (MWI):

If MWI is slow set LD 17 CSQI/CSQO to two times the number of voice mail agents but not to exceed 25% of the Number of Call Registers (LD17, NCR). For example the default CSQI and CQSO is 20 but in Ottawa Canada they are set to 100.

Base value for NCR: OptionNCR
51 and 611000

After any configuration changes press the Initialization button for them to take affect. MWI on/off messages and other Mail requests are sent out on the AML link. The CSQI and CSQO are call registers on the PBX that handle the MWI requests.

Also, the Mail system may be bogged down by an almost full hard disk. Go into System Status and Maintenance and look at the System Status. If the hard disk is quite full then one should find out why. Are there a lot of full Voicemail boxes? Are there old abandoned mailboxes that have not been accessed in awhile? Are there mailboxes built but no phones forward to them? This is where the SEERS errors Mail spits out every day should be paid attention to and fixed.

Are there ESDI or AML errors? In Load 22 and print AHST to see if there is a problem with the AML link.

Increase the communication speed


LD 17
ADAN     AML 9 
  CARD 10 
  PORT 1 
  BPS  4800 - Change to 9600

And change the MMLink speed in Hardware Administration/Data Port Configuration.

11C Card option:

ADAN     TTY 8 
TTY_TYPE LSL (Low Speed Link)
  CAB 00 
  CARD 10 
  PORT 0 
  BPS  1200 - change to 9600 or 19200 
  BITL 8
  STOP 1
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