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Shoretel Network Configuration

Before connecting a new Shoretel PBX to a network, it must be configured.
The IP address, subnet mask, gateway, etc, must be correctly set BEFORE the Shoretel is connected to a network.

The following menu should appear:


ShoreTel> ?

Commands for 40/8:
(1) -- Show version
(2) -- Show system configuration
(3) -- Change system configuration
(4) -- Reboot
? -- Help
^C -- Abort command
  1. IP address,
  2. IP subnet mask,
  3. Gateway IP address, and
  4. Server IP address.

These IP addresses must be 100% correct!

NOTE: DHCP is usually ON by default, and it must be disabled, or set to OFF. Until its disabled, you will see lots of error messages (which can also make data entry a bit tricky) complaining that no DHCP server can be found, or that no valid IP address can be obtained. Ignore these messages, and soldier on! Network configuration changes will not take effect until they are saved and the unit re-booted.

Configuration Value Note
IP address * eg, IP address: unique, lookup from docs
IP subnet mask * eg, The same for all devices on this network
Gateway IP address * eg,  
Server IP address * eg, Main-office Shoretel Server address
Boot method flash  
DHCP/BOOTP disabled  
Active port 1 Connect LAN1 and LAN2 ports
Ethernet link auto-negotiate 100 Mb, full-duplex  
Speed and duplex mode automatic  

* Refer to the system administrator documentation for the appropriate IP addresses for your site.

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