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NRS Collaborative Server


Collaborative servers is a way to provide VoIP trunking between PBX's when each PBX has it's own NRS domain and a network path to the other NRS domain(s). NRS Manager provides a utility for adding and viewing Collaborative Servers:

Switch to the Standby DB view to Add or Edit the settings. Then Cutover and Commit the changes.

If the gateway sends a call to the local NRS domain for endpoint resolution, but no match is found, the gateway will next query the Collaborative Server NRS domain(s).

With multiple sites/endpoints, the TLAN networks must be fully meshed (Single-Hop connectivity to all endpoints). An ELAN path is not required. Note, in Releases 6.0 and earlier, calls through the collaborative servers could only be made in the same domain.

When Collaborative Servers are running different versions of CS1000 software, NRS features are limited to the capabilities of the earliest NRS software version.

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Meshed Topography
Meshed Topography


At both PBX's:

If you want two-way dialing, also repeat these steps on the other PBX.


The idea is, a DN is dialed on PBX-A and sent out on the IP trunks - so asking PBX-A's NRS for an endpoint address.
PBX-A's NRS has no entry, so it passes the request on to its 'Collaborative NRS' friend, which happens to be PBX-B.
PBX-B resolves the endpoint, gives PBX-A the endpoint IP address, and the call is set up.

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