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IP Phone 2004 – Settings.

With Manual provisioning, Nortel IP Telephone settings must be manually entered before it will work with the system. If a phone does not automatically register and function, or when adding a new set, edit the telephones local configuration settings as shown.

Follow these steps to access the i2004 local configuration:

1 Restart the telephone by disconnecting and then reconnecting the line cord. After about four seconds, the top light flashes and the text NORTEL appears on the screen.

2 Immediately, when the greeting appears, quickly press the four soft keys, one at a time, from left to right. Soft keys are located directly under the display. These keys must be pressed one after the other within 1.5 seconds or the telephone will not go into configuration mode.

i2004 manual configuration
Soft Key Desciption
OK Accept current settings and proceed to the next option.
BkSpace Erase the current entry in order to change it.
Cancel The IP Phone reboots without saving any changes.
Clear Clear an entire configuration entry.

3 Enter the parameters as prompted. Press OK to accept the current setting and move forward, BkSpace to erase the current entry in order to change it. Use the numeric keypad to enter values, use the star (*) key to enter a full stop in IP addresses.

Prompt Response Note
EAP Enable 0 An entry of zero is "No", or disables the feature.
DHCP 0 Disable DHCP to manually enter IP settings (default).
SET IP Phone IP address, must be unique, refer to installers list.
NETMASK Refer to installers list.
DEFGW IP address of the LAN Gateway. Refer to installers list.
S1 IP Branch Office Call Server IP address, or CS1K Node IP.
S1 PORT 7000 7000 for BCM, 4100 for CS1K
S1 ACTION 1 Primary action code, always set to 1
S1 RETRY 5 The number of times the set should attempt to connect to S1
S2 IP S2 settings are optional, in the event S1 is unreachable
S2 PORT 7000 7000 for BCM, 4100 for CS1K
S2 ACTION 1 Always set to 1
S2 RETRY 5 S2 connect attempts
Cfg XAS? 0  
Voice VLAN 0  
PC Port 0 1-On, 0-Off: 0 to disable the phones rear PC port

When you have entered all the configuration information, the telephone reboots and attempts to connect to the call server S1 address. The message Locating Server appears on the display. If the connection is successful, the message changes to Connecting to Server after about 15 seconds. Initialisation may take several minutes. Do not disturb the telephone during this time. If S1 is not found, the phone will try S2.

Once the telephone connects to a valid call server, it registers, and the display shows the DN number and a date display. The six feature keys at the top of the display are also labelled (as programmed). The telephone is ready to use. The configuration will remain after a power failure.

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