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SR2230 - Configuring DHCP

The following configuration script will enable a DHCP Server on a SR2330 for Nortel/Avaya IP Phones.
IP Phones reside on the TLAN. Edit the script to match the customers network using the explaination below:

conf t
ip dhcps
  pool POOL_NAME
    callserver port 4100
  exit pool
interface ethernet0/2
exit dhcps
exit conf
wr mem

The command steps explained:.

conf tEnter configuration mode
ip dhcpsEnter DHCP Server configuration mode
pool POOL_NAMEName your DHCP Pool something unique
callserver port 4100Call Server Node IP address, use port 4100 for Avaya IP phones
network network range for the TLAN
default_router gateway for the TLAN network
exclude-range and ending IP of excluded range (enter as many exclude ranges as required)
commitPut the DHCP Pool into service, use "no commit" to make changes to existing pool
exit poolExit building the DHCP Pool
interface ethernet0/2Assign the DHCP Pool to an interface on the TLAN to serve IP addresses
enableTurn on the DHCP service, "no enable" to make any changes to the pool above
exit dhcpsExit DHCP Server configuration
exit confExit configuration mode
wr memSave the configuration to memory
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