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CS1K Specifications

Call Server CS 1000S CS 1000M Multi Group CS 1000E
Call Server Capacity 1,000 IP users 15,000 IP users 15,000 IP users
Port Capacity 1,728 65,535 65,535
Operating System VxWorks 5.4 from WindRiver Systems Inc.
CPU/Memory M 68040 Call Processor;
48 MB Flash; 32MB DRAM
Redundant CP Pll Call Processor;
Flash not required; 256 MB DRAM
Mass Storage Media Flash ROM Integrated with CPU,
software delivery via PCMCIA card
Redundant, Multimedia Disk Unit with one 3.5" 1.44 MB  floppy disk, drive; One 6 GB hard disk drive with CD-ROM
Traffic CCS at
P.01 G0S
57,000CCS for TDM devices
Unlimited CCS for IP devices
288,000 CCS for TDM devices
Unlimited CCS for IP devices
86,000 CCS for TDM devices
Unlimited CCS for lP devices
Busy Hour Call
35,000 BHCC TDM calls
20,000 BHCC IP calls
315,000 BHCC TDM calls
240,000 BHCC IP calls
150,000 BHCC TDM calls
240,000 BHCC IP calls

* BHCC ratings are nominal only; actual capacity is dependent on site configuration and application features.

Max Number of:
IP Phones
Digital Phones
Analog Phones



Software Features

Over 650 features including: Six Party Conference (62 Party Conference with Integrated Conference Bridge), Attendant Recall, Automatic Busy Redial, Call Duration Display Timer, Call Forward (nine types), Call Join, Call Park, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Calling Line Identification, Calling Party Name Display, Charge Account Codes, Controlled Class of Service, DID Route Control, Flash, Hold, Hunting (six types), IP Call Recording, Malicious Call Trace, NAT Traversal, Network Virtual Office Login, Override Position Busy, Personal Directory, Redial List and Callers List, Remote Message Waiting, Ring Again, Trunk Route Optimization - Call Modification.

Signaling Server
Memory Typically 512 MB DRAM. Personal Directory or Redial/Callers List for > 8000 IP users requires 1 gigabyte.
Network Routing Server (NRS) Up to 5,000 endpoints, 10,000 number plan entries, or 100,000 calls per hour.
Terminal Proxy Server (TPS) Up to 5,000 IP users per Signaling Server.
Additional Signaling Servers are supported per system for capacity and redundancy.
IP Peer H.323 Trunks1,200 per Signaling Server           SIP Trunks 1,800 per Signaling Server
Supported Trunks Analog: Virtual Trunks with lP Peer Networking: Digital: DTI, ISDN-PRI, and ISDN-BRI
Loop and Ground Start CO, FX, WATS, two or four wire E&M, four wire DX, DlD, TIE, RAN, and Paging.
Network Signaling protocols H.323v4, MCDN, SIP, LDAP, QSig, QSS, in band and DPNSS
IP Phones & Clients IP Phone 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2O07. IP Softphone 2050 (Windows) and
Mobile Voice Client 2050 (Pocket PC). Wireless LAN Handset 2210 and 2211.
IP Phone/Client Accessories: 24 key Expansion Module for IP Phone 2002, 2004, and 2006.
    USB Audio Adapters (Enhanced and Mobile) for IP Softphone 2050.
IP Phone Powering Options 802.3af Power over LAN, Power over LAN Hub and local AC adapter.
Digital Phones M3901, M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905, M2006, M2008, M2008HF, M2616, M2216ACD
Attendant Services Compatibility Nortel Attendant PC Console and PC Console Interface Unit (PCCIU)
(the PCCIU supports PC-based Attendant software from various third-parties).
IP Remote Services Survivable Remote Gateway: supports 5-80 survivable IP users.
Enterprise Media Gateway 1000B: supports up to 400 survivable IP, Digital, or Analog users.
Remote Gateway 9150: up to 32 survivable Digital users. 9115: supports 1 survivable digital user.
Unified Messaging CallPilot IPE 201i: 200 hours, 40 channels; Voice prompt supported in six languages; three-languages for speech recognition. Up to 2200 mailboxes can be provisioned.
CallPilot Tower 703t: 1200 hours, 96 channels; up to 7,000 mailboxes can be provisioned.
CallPilot Rackmount 1002rp: 2400 hours, 96 channels; 7,000 mailboxes can be provisioned.
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