Mike's PBX Cookbook


Basic Command Reference Guide

Interface Commands
interface type numberConfigures the physical/virtual interface. [ie Creates a Point-2-Point GRE Tunnel,
Show ip interface briefProvides a Interface Status
ShutdownDisables an interface. To enable the interface, use the no form of this command
Routing Commands
router routing protocolConfigures a Routing Protocol so that remote networks can be dynamically learned.
Network ip-address wildcard-maskDefines the interface on which the eigrp protocol will be enabled on
Eigrp router-id ip addressEIGRP Routing Protocol will use a fixed router ID
Show ip eigrp neighborProvides EIGRP Routing protocol neighbor status
Dial Peer Commands
Dial-peer voice tag [pots | voip]Configures Voice Dial for Trunk connections [ie. Pots] and for IP VOIP traversing a IP Link [ie voip]
Destination-pattern numberDefines the dial string of the remote router that is aware of the E.164 number that needs to be reached
Session target ipv4:ip addressNetwork address of the remote router to send the call to, once a local voice network dial-peer is matched
Analog/Trunk Card Commands
Voice-port interface numberInterface voice port for Analog Trunk Cards [ie. FXS, FXO, E&M, T1 etc]
card type t1 interface numberDefines, and globally enables the T1 Trunk Card
isdn switch-type primary-5essDefines the T1-ISDN/PRI Signal Type
pri-group timeslots timeslot selectionDefines how many of the 23 voice channels will be used for voice data
interface Serial0/0/0:23Defines the Bear/Signaling interface
isdn protocol-emulate networkDefines the T1 Clocking source
network-clock-participate wic 0Defines to use the network clock for timing
CUCME (Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express)
telephony-serviceEnables the CUCME Feature Set
max-ephones valueDefines the maximum # of IP phones that will be configured
max-dn valueDefines how many extensions will be configured
ephone-dn tagConfigures a Phone Extension Profile
Number extension numberEphone-dn sub-command, that defines the physical extension number for the phone profile
ephone tagMaps a physical phone to a ephone-dn profile
Router Exit Commands
ExitExits a single line
EndExits back to enable mode
Show runShows the current running configuration
?Provides command reference
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