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The VCR-2020 is a digital voice recording system designed to assist communications and emergency service personnel by offering instant playback or recorded calls. The VCR-2020 supports up to 20 desk or console positions per system and dynamically allocates up to 400, 800, 1000 minutes of message storage to active positions. Communications are recorded with a time stamp and may be played back instantly.

The system is universally compatible with telephone and radio communications systems. When used in applications such as E-911, it can record and display "ANI" Automatic Number Identification and "ALI" Automatic Location Information with the voice recording of incoming calls.

Typical Applications

Air Traffic Control
Police/Fire Telephone/radio communications
Marine Radio Communications
Taxi Dispatch Monitoring
EMS Telephone/Radio Communications
Hospital/Nursing Home Intercom Monitoring
Utility & Transit Communication Centers

Desktop and Rack
mountable versions.

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Supports up to 20 desk/console positions
per system

Simultaneous record/playback of phone/radio messages

3 models available: 400,800,1000 minutes of message storage

Exclusive supervisor mode permits selectable position monitor/replay

Save multiple messages from being erased

Automatic Number Identification (ANI)(DTMF or serial) if available

Slow speed playback with no loss of pitch

Real time clock with time-of-day tag for each message

RS-232 control available

Antistatic protection

Optional UPS

Optional ALI display

Accepts external time sync

Visual display indicators (operator screen)
-time of day clock
-ANI Automatic Number Identification
-Functional Control Identification

Selectable beep tone generator for recording

Built-in diagnostics

Headset & Cassette tape output jacks

Wide dynamic range automatic gain control

Compatible with Automatic Call
Distributors(ACD's) single line or key telephone systems

Telephone Interfacing
-voltage or current activated
-voice activated (VOX)
-External contact closure activated
-Optional headset switching interface

Regulatory approvals: United States & Canada

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