Mike's PBX Cookbook

TALC FW Upgrade

Note: although the configuration files are not affected, it's always recommended to create a backup first.

1. Make sure PumpKIN is started pointing to the TALC Firmware folder.
2. Open a TALC Telnet session, and login. Default logon: guest / guest123
3. Upgrade the FW with us, enter the TFTP server address and firmware name:

IP Address:    TFTP server (typically the voice server)
File Name:     firmware image file (.UPG)
... the 'save to flash' is complete when the TALC RDY> prompt returns.

4. Restart the card (takes approx. 2 minutes):

TALC RDY> sr 1,y           System Restart

5. The command to Log off is: lo (enter '?' for a list of commands).

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