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Compatible with Norstar / Meridian 1 / Business Communications Manager

4102 Digital AuxBox

The 4102 Digital AuxBox adds USB plug & play digital recording to the standard features of the 4100.

  • Automatic detection of M1 or Norstar signaling
  • Detection of: Message waiting, Ring, In-use, and Page
  • Digital to analog conversion for recording or amplification.

Download: 4102 Hardware Installation Guide

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Option switches control the following features:

  • Analog output: high (0 dBm) or low (-18 dBm)
  • A-law / μ-law speech encoding
  • Relay output functions (2 provided)
  • Both speech directions or receive channel only


Note: Initially, this product was called a 'USB AuxBox'.

USB connectivity allows calls to be recorded automatically or by hot-key (press the hot-key anytime during a call and the entire call from beginning to end is recorded). Call related data such as Caller ID or outbound dialed number from the telephone display are also captured.

Software for the 4102 provides the following options:

  • WAV or WMA storage format
  • Directory for call files to be stored
  • Automatic or hot-key activated call recording
  • Number of days to store call files

The 4102 provides pure digital recording without analog conversion, and provides automatic digital gain control for both transmit and receive channels.

The 4102 provides analog audio output in stand-alone configuration or simultaneously with USB digital audio when connected to a PC.

Aglo has discontinued this product. The information on this page is for reference only.

4102 Specifications:

Power Supply: Adapter included, 117V 60Hz to 24Vdc 200 mA
Loop limit (from PBX/KSU): 4000 feet (1200m), Meridian 1
2600 feet (800m), Norstar, Business Communications Manager
Bridge Tap: 10 feet (3m) Recommended maximum (if not series)
Digital loop connection:RJ12 jacks series or bridging
Dry contact outputs:2.5 mm jack (qty 1 plug to plug cord provided)
50mA 30V maximum
2 provided, option selectable for any combination of ringing, in use, message waiting, or paging.
Analog audio output: 3.5 mm audio jack
-12dBm nominal 600 ohm or
-18dBm nominal 600 ohm
Indicator LEDs: Power/USB, M1/Norstar, Ring, Msg Waiting, Off-Hook (in use), Page, Relay 1 active, Relay 2 active.
PC Requirements: Windows 98, or Windows 2000, USB port
Cables provided: One 6ft (2m) USB cable
One 2.5mm to 2.5mm relay cord

ECR Shelf System:

4102R  - Digital Line Card: Rack mount AuxBox card, functionally identical to the 4102 USB Auxbox.
4102RB - Slot Blank: Each free slot position should have a 4102RB to prevent dust from entering the Shelf.
4210 - Shelf: The physical rack and backplane, supports up to 16 4102R's.
4211 - Hub Card: An internal USB Hub that concentrates all shelf traffic into a single USB output.

Algo 4102 Front

Algo 4102 Rear

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