Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH9900 - 9999

SCH9949GPT Integrated Digital Access Service Change x x x x x.
SCH9952Call Forward All Calls DN size exceeds M2317 or M3000 maximum length of 23 digits.
Action: Enter the correct number of digits between 4
SCH9953Class of service FLXA/VCE is required for a DTM key.
SCH9954This set cannot be copied as it contains a DTM key. The DTM key must first be deleted before copying to prevent a multiple appearance of a data DN.
SCH9955It is not allowed to configure a phantom DTI2 loop as tracking for the clock controller.
Action: Enter another loop number.
SCH9959FCDR is set to OLD whereas CDRM was previously equal to YES. As it is incompatible for CDRM feature, DUR5 is reset to NO.
SCH9960CDRM is set to YES whereas DUR5 was previously set to YES. As it is incompatible for CDRM feature, DUR5 is reset to NO.
SCH9962In Overlay 25, the commands MOVE and SWAP are not allowed on a phantom DTI2 loop.
SCH9974ISL mode not supported with MIF feature. 
SCH9981MMSN data is in use and cannot be cleared.
Action: Remove all mportbl sets defined with VISI = YES before removing MMSN.
SCH9982A mportbl set defined as Visiting may not be assigned a multiple appearance DN.
Action: Assign a unique DN on key 0.
SCH9996This MWI NSI table does not exist.
Action: Enter the Manufacturer Identifier of the MWI NSI table on which to work or {CR}.
SCH9997Character our-of-range A to Z. MFID is re-prompted.
Action: Enter a character inside the valid range or {CR}.
SCH9998An attempt was made to set FNP to NO in LD 15.
Action: All data associated with FNP must be deleted prior to setting FNP to NO. In LD 15, set VNR to NO. In LD 87 and LD 90 set all FLEN to 0. In LD 86 set FSNI and MXFS to 0, MXDM and MXRL to 0-256, AC1 and AC2 to 0-99.  In LD 24, set DFCL to a 7 or 10 digit length value.
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