Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH8800 - 8899

SCH8802 Illegal answer to prompt TASK.
SCH8803 Group is spared.
SCH8804 Command is NEW and group exists.
SCH8805 Command is CHG or OUT and group does not exist. 
SCH8806 {CR} only allowed for PRT on GRP prompt. 
SCH8807 Command is not NEW and RPE2 data does not exist. 
SCH8811 CORP/CORX can only be configured on 2.0 Mb digital CO trunks if the International Supplementary Features (SUPP) package 131 and the DTI2 package 129 are equipped. 
SCH8813 Group Hunt pilot DN function is not supported. 
SCH8814 PLDN entered is invalid. 
SCH8815 PLDN size is out-of-range. 
SCH8816 Customer is undefined. 
SCH8817 PLDN package is unequipped. 
SCH8818 TN translation has failed. 
SCH8819 Unable to obtain a PDS/UDS. 
SCH8820 The DN entered is not valid for the GHT list. 
SCH8821 The LIST TYPE does not match REQ TYPE. 
SCH8822 The associated PLDN must be removed first. 
SCH8823 The GHT list number is out-of-range. 
SCH8824 The PLDN and GHT customer numbers do not match. 
SCH8825 The DN must first be removed from the GHT list. 
SCH8826 The GHT list is already associated with another PLDN. 
SCH8827 PLDN USE and LIST TYPE do not match. 
SCH8831 Password does not exist. 
SCH8832 Cannot remove logged on password. 
SCH8833 Only administrator is allowed to print audit trail.
SCH8834 The occupied buffer area larger than the requested size and therefore cannot be reduced.
Action: Print buffer first. 
SCH8835 Invalid LAPW password option selected. 
SCH8836 Password has print-only Class of Service. 
SCH8837 Audit Trail buffer size must be 50-1000 and divisible by 50. 
SCH8838 LAPW users are not allowed to print SPWD passwords. 
SCH8839 User is restricted from printing Speed Call List. 
SCH8840 Feature is not available without LAPW package. 
SCH8841 User does not have access to this data. 
SCH8842 Valid password must be entered. 
SCH8843 Only 32 CUSTOMER TENANT combinations are allowed. 
SCH8844 This tenant is already allowed/denied for this customer. 
SCH8845 Password conflicts with existing passwords. 
SCH8846 Illegal character entered for password. Must be 0-9, A-Z, or a-z. 
SCH8847 Warning: Display DN does not start with an ENP pilot DN. 
SCH8848 ICP cannot co-exist with anything else. 
SCH8849 xxxx This is an X20 error message:
Where xxxx =
139 : Channel number out-of-range
219 : Cannot configure analog trunk in digital route
279 : Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics
597 : Required number of TN blocks not configured or removed because maximum channel number was reached
969 : Burst parameter cannot have a value less than that of the replenishment parameter
970 : Unable to match input field with stored mnemonics
971 : Invalid response
972 : Input out-of-range
974 : DTSL/DDSL specified is not configured as a public network link
1300 : Wrong number of input fields for prompt DTSL/DDSL (DPNSS)
1301 : DTSL/DDSL number out-of-range (0-159) (DPNSS)
1302 : DTSL/DDSL block already exists (DPNSS)
1303 : DTSL/DDSL block does not exist (DPNSS)
1304 : No DTSL/DDSL blocks exist (DPNSS)
1305 : Signaling link still in service (DPNSS)
1306 : DTSL/DDSL still enabled (DPNSS)
1307 : DTSL number does not belong to a DASS signaling card (DPNSS)
1308 : DTIB/DTOB must be set up in LD 17. Digital trunk input/output buffers are zero. (DPNSS)
1310 : Wrong number of input fields in response to LTYP prompt (DPNSS)
1311 : Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (DPNSS)
1315 : Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (DPNSS)
1316 : Wrong number of input fields (DPNSS)
1317 : Number out-of-range (DPNSS)
1320 : Wrong number of input fields in response to DDCS prompt (DPNSS)
1321 : DDCS number out-of-range (DPNSS)
1322 : DDCS not configured (DPNSS)
1329 : Cannot out a DTSL/DDSL if a channel is configured
1330 : Wrong number of input fields for prompt DTSL/DDSL (APNSS)
1331 : DTSL/DDSL number out-of-range (0-159) (APNSS)
1332 : DTSL/DDSL block already exists (APNSS)
1333 : DTSL/DDSL block does not exist (APNSS)
1334 : No DTSL/DDSL blocks exist (APNSS)
1335 : Signaling link still in service (APNSS)
1336 : DTSL/DDSL still enabled (APNSS)
1338 : DTIB/DTOB must be set up in LD 17. Digital trunk input/output buffers are zero. (APNSS)
1340 : Wrong number of input fields in response to LTYP prompt (APNSS)
1341 : Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (APNSS)
1345 : Unable to match input with stored mnemonics (APNSS)
1346 : Wrong number of input fields (APNSS)
1347 : Number out-of-range (APNSS)
1350 : Wrong number of input fields in response to DDCS prompt (APNSS)
1351 : DDCS number out-of-range (APNSS)
1352 : DDCS not configured (APNSS)
1355 : DDSL mismatch
2071 : Package not configured
2073 : IDA route cannot be changed to non-IDA and vice versa
8000 : PBX Reference Number does not begin with Location Reference Number (Warning only—entry as accepted)
8001 : NCOP transmission must be used 
SCH8850 Route List Block (RLB) does not exist. 
SCH8851 Input out-of-range (0-999). 
SCH8852 ESN data block does not exist. 
SCH8853 Input out-of-range (1-10). 
SCH8854 Input out-of-range (2-8). 
SCH8855 Route List Block (RLB) with Digit Manipulation Index (DMI) is invalid. 
SCH8860 Tenant number out-of-range (0-511). 
SCH8861 Link used by other customer. 
SCH8862 Cannot change set with IRGA CLS from AAPBX. 
SCH8863 Cannot change set with IPNA CLS from AABCS. 
SCH8864 Cannot use IRGA/IRGD together with NEW X command. 
SCH8865 Cannot use the OUT command on a set with IRGA CLS.
SCH8866 ICP cannot be removed with agents still defined. 
SCH8867 ICP cannot be set up for an ACD DN with agents. 
SCH8868 Response NO not allowed when ICP is defined. 
SCH8869 Cannot remove a tenant which is owner of ICP. 
SCH8870 Cannot remove MC when ICP is allowed. 
SCH8871 ICDN must be entered. 
SCH8872 Maintenance message out-of-range (0-9). 
SCH8873 Maintenance message must be entered (0-9). 
SCH8874 APL not defined for ICP in LD 17. 
SCH8875 APL number must be entered (0-15).
SCH8876 Cannot decrease NIPN when higher IPN/IRG defined. 
SCH8877 Cannot remove ICP when ACD group defined for APL.
SCH8878 Cannot remove ICP when IPN/IRG sets exist. 
SCH8879 Terminal/printer number must be entered (0-{NIPN}). 
SCH8880 Both DSET and DCON packages must exist. 
SCH8881 Must be quad loop for digital console. 
SCH8882 LANG number out-of-range (0-15) for digital console. 
SCH8883 Primary and secondary TNs must be on the same Loop, Shelf and Card. 
SCH8884 Unit number out-of-range for digital consoles.
SCH8885 Warning: The active password length is changed only if new configuration data is dumped, and a complete data load and program load takes place. 
SCH8886 Cannot remove customer while Flexible Feature Code tree exists. 
SCH8887 An invalid value for the Electronic Lock password was entered. 
SCH8888 The Station Control Password can only use digits 0-9. 
SCH8889 CEPT default does not match the password length defined in LD 15. 
SCH8890 Digit entered for REP causes replacement CEPT code to conflict with existing DN. 
SCH8891 Maximum number of FFCs outed in this pass.
SCH8892 FFC was defined earlier in this program. 
SCH8893 Specified DN conflicts with an existing DN.
SCH8894 Package is not equipped.
Action: Contact your technical support group. 
SCH8895 FFC code does not exist. 
SCH8896 FFC data does not exist. 
SCH8897 FFC data already defined for a customer. 
SCH8898 FFC package is not enabled. 
SCH8899 511 is an invalid entry for a ring cadence.
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