Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH8700 - 8799

SCH8781 DCHI or BCHI cannot be 0.
Action: Enter new value 1 - 15. 
SCH8782 PIP/PSP not available without MR or SUPP. (This message only applies to X11 Release 19 and earlier) 
SCH8783 The monitored or monitoring set cannot be moved or copied. 
SCH8784 The Busy/Forward Status package is restricted. BFS key is not allowed. 
SCH8785 An invalid TN has been entered for the Busy/Forward Status (BSF) key. 
SCH8786 The monitored set is on a different customer.
SCH8788 The monitored set may not have an ACD-DN. 
SCH8789 The set is already monitored by 16 other sets. 
SCH8790 The telephone is already monitored by 16 other telephones. 
SCH8791 Monitored telephone cannot be BRI. 
SCH8798 RPE2 data block has not been created by LD 52. 
SCH8799 Operation not allowed.
Action: Remove loop from RPE2 group. Use LD 52.
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