Mike's PBX Cookbook

SCH6700 - 6799

SCH6700 Invalid TTY_TYPE. 
SCH6701 Only 1 TTY allowed per expansion cabinet. 
SCH6702 There is no TTY configured on this expansion cabinet.
SCH6703 Only 4 TTYs with TTY_TYPE PTY may be configured. 
SCH6704 Only 3 TTYs with TTY_TYPE LSL may be configured. 
SCH6705 Invalid FLOWTYPE. 
SCH6706 Invalid FLOWTYPE for Low Speed Link on Card 0. 
SCH6707 LSL and XLSL not valid on Option 11C. 
SCH6708 Low speed link not allowed on Card 0 Port 0. 
SCH6709 CLID block is not defined in the Customer Data Block. 
SCH6710 A warning message. CLID Entry is not defined n the CLID block of the Customer Data Block. The CLID Entry is stored in the database. 
SCH6711 No trailing blanks/spaces can be entered after the CLID entry.
Action: Enter {CR} after the CLID entry. 
SCH6712 The input for the CLID entry should be an integer or a "D". 
SCH6713 Cannot decrease CLID table size. Entries to be removed are not empty.
Action: Remove the unnecessary CLID entries first. Then decrease the CLID table entry size. 
SCH6714 CLID Entry or Entries are not defined since the entry or entries are not configured. 
SCH6715 x7 x7 = x7 % DTIM not supported for routes with ISL mode. 
SCH6720 One or more of the packages to operate the OPEN_ALARM feature is missing. This feature requires the following packages: MAT, ALARM_FILTER and OPEN_ALARM. 
SCH6722 Digit Insertion function does not support SPRE/FFC digits.
Action: Users may dial manually. 
SCH6723 Cannot "out" a dch/dsl while there are call-independent connections on the dch/ dsl interface. 
SCH6755 CLID entry D is not allowed to be assigned to all the DN keys on the set.
Action: Assign a non-D CLID entry to the DN key of the BCS set.
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